club/venue/gallery/residence  the-67;

"a spectacle of the bizzart"


One of London's most extraordinary venues with 4 floors, 6 stage areas, over 20 screens including 3 large projections in the garden, rooftop areas, a pond, a bonfire, a barbecue, a big fireworks display & lots of extraordinary artworks.
The main party area, garden patio stage, bonfire & firework display  is webcast on  www.ustream.tv/channel/the-67tv
If you can't get there physically you can still participate via a two - way audio internet camera set up in the kitchen - log on to it with your PC to see & hear what's happening in the kitchen and if you speak to your PC's microphone everyone in the kitchen will hear you! -  see the latest party flyer below for instructions on  how to do this  (you will need a pretty recent version of internet explorer)  and how to log on to the security cctv cams in the front & back gardens and webcams on the other 4 stage areas
To see footage of the venues most spectacular gig so far (The Spaceheads) and some of the set;  https://youtu.be/trnpfDuN0x0

"there's an ancient buddhist fable about the udumbara plant which flowers only once every 3000 years  but when it does it's quite an event!- it's a bit like the-67 club which opens  only once a year but when it does it's quite an event!"


bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 11 - 10th anniversary special -  5th november 2011; the story;

latest info;

re. bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 11; nigel noize is offering a £200 reward for evidence leading to the conviction of the person who did the airgun shooting at the party . the garden is now shielded completely and there are 4 recording, infra-red, internet security cameras covering the whole area-see the-67securityvideo.


re. bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 17 - latest acts to be confirmed; Isn'tses, Martian-Teers featuring TIMEONACID, Nigel Noize,


the-67 securityvideo and pictures

 bonfirenite-bash'n;barbie 11; the movie ft. the chease-radio-snuff event  november 5th 2011

video; "the micro's last process" - art event @ bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 10  november 6th 2010

video; "the eang jam featuring the drunken revellers" - art event @ bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 9 november 7th 2009

video; "kneel down like a saint gorilla and sink" - art event @ bonfirenite-bash-n-barbie 8 november 8th 2008

video; "execution by firechair" - art event @ bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 7  november 3rd 2007

video; "the telly's last vision" - art event @ bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 6  november 4th 2006

video; "the organ's last sound" - art event @ bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 5  november 5th 2005

video; kneel down like a saint gorilla and stop hq/nigel noize's bedroom/the loft stage

current event; "44years" featuring bogo*, 8pm nov. 7th 2003 to 8pm nov.7th 2047

                 *bogo; part-time member of the london electric guitar orchestra(lego)

next event;

 Bonfirenite Bash-n-Barbie 17;

(Flyer version 1.0)

"the spectacular mini-fest/interactive-live-webcast, back garden firework/art house party"

November  2017 ring 07967963165 for the date

8 till late @ the-67 London UK

Ring +44 7967963165 for more info.

A fabulous firework display & barbecue, a video disco projected on a 90inch screen in the garden, lots of amazing live acts on many different stages, lots of extraordinary art objects, the opportunity to experience a kind of “Big Brother” party broadcast live on the internet with lots of cameras, some with two way audio enabling interaction with internet viewers -  35 screens, 6  stages, a multitude of live acts, thousands of global invites for the webcast, no ordinary back-garden bonfirenite party! 

( if you can’t get there physically it will be possible to participate from anywhere in the world via a 2-way audio internet camera in the kitchen and see some of the acts and party rooms live webcast, the back garden main stage and party area will be webcast live throughout the event on www.ustream.tv/channel/the-67tv and the main indoor stage/party room will be webcast on www.livestream.com/the67tv                                                                                                                    There will also be a security internet cam. observing the garden’s main party area, log on to; www.the67ipcam.dtdns.net:7070  (on the homepage click on LIVE VIEW, you may then have to download a plugin if prompted, if you’re using an iphone you next click on MOTION JPEG ) Another internet camera will enable you to see & listen to what’s happening in the kitchen and even strike up a conversation with someone using the speaker next to the fridge, To use the 2-way audio internet camera in the kitchen goto www.the-67ipcam.dtdns.net:2220 you will be prompted to download a plugin, rtsvideoplugin(from Technomate LTD) when you reach the homepage click on the Non ActiveX option then click on Submit, you should then see and hear the kitchen –(unless you have an old version of Flash in which case click on the Get flash option and follow the prompts to download and run the latest version) this will work with most browsers but the two way audio- where you click on the microphone icon – will only work on Internet Explorer 10 or 11, in this case goto http://www.the-67ipcam.dtdns.net:2220  when you get to the home page click on the IE ActiveX option then on Submit you should then be able to hear and speak to the kitchen).

To help us with security you can also log on the surveillance cameras in the alleyway at the end of the back garden, ( if you see anyone there during the party pls ring 07967963165)

 log on to; www.the-67securitycams.dyndns.tv:8001  on the home page click on; INTERNET then in the password box enter; 00000000 then click on; LOG IN (you may have to download & run a plugin if prompted if no home page appears) you should then see a 4 way split screen which shows views from a camera in the main indoor party room , and - for security - the alleyway east camera view and the alleyway west camera view. You can also see a view from a camera embedded in the front door - to see who’s arriving or leaving or loitering,

You can also log on to; www.the-67securitycams.dyndns.tv:8000  follow the instructions above & get a 4 way split screen which shows  a close up view of  the  performing TIME ON ACID noise stage backdrop in the attic bedroom, and a view of the attic bedroom including any audience and acts. You can also see a cameras viewing the bonfire in a big shopping trolley and a camera showing the Noizombies playing in the basement, 
So there should be a total of 11 cameras webcasting simultaneously – a world record for a private house-party?
(any tech. support for logging in phone +44 7967963165)

                                                                                                      Live  Acts (approximate times); 

               The Garden Patio Stage;                          8:30pm   


               The Kitchen stage;                                   10:30pm  

               The Shed roof  stage;                               11:30pm:  Nigel Noize ( www.youtube.com/nigelnoize

               The Kitchen stage;                                    11:00pm 

                                                                                11:30pm    Natasha Singha ( http://youtu.be/wipQwowooKI) TBC

               The Garden patio stage;                            10:30pm:  Poetry from Sonic Snail TBC

                                                                                12:00am;  D J Tendraw & the gipsie's   dog TBC

              The loft/bedroom stage;                             11:30pm;  Martian-Teers featuring TIMEONACID                 

                                                                                 12:30am;  Quantom Fizzicks and The God Particalz TBC

11:3   The back-bedroom stage                            01:30am;  Alien Ghost Dust( www.myspace.com/alienghostdust )

              The Loft bedroom stage                             02:00am;   Isn'tses

              The Loft bedroom  stage                            02:30am:   Nigel Noize (part 2)

                                                                                03:00pm   The grand firework finale!  -  "The 3D volcano firework printout" - a home made firework made of an old printer packed with incendiary powder is let off

     Cristina Gigliamoli will be belly dancing in the cage above the shed TBC

    The Noizombies ( http://youtu.be/-ie-ezeIuxg ) featuring T R 808 (a collection of  Nigel Noize's machines playing  improvised noise by themselves)  will be playing  a 12 hour set! in the cellar/crawling space/chillout zone below the party from 8:00pm throughout the event

    TIME ON ACID – the live 10 year noise webcast (from 13/03/13 to 13/03/23) from the loft/bedroom stage, more info;  www.timeonacid.com

                                                                                                                         More acts TBA.

There will be 7 stages;  Stage 1; The garden patio.  Stage 2; The loft bedroom with TIME ON ACID backdrop  Stage 3; The back bedroom stage(main indoor party area)

  Stage 4; The midget stage in the 3ft 7in. cellar/crawling space.  Stage 5; The shed roof stage - on top of the shed at the bottom of the garden.  Stage 6: The cage-dancers stage - next to the shed roof stage.  Stage 7; The kitchen stage

VJ Firestarter will be projecting the youtube video-disco on the two 90 inch screens in the back garden from 7pm

Fireworks MC Dennis "the alchemist" will be performing an incendiary extravaganza (time TBA.)

There will be a 3rd big screen in the garden with views from 4 cctv camers showing; east & west views of the back alleyway for security to keep an eye on, a view from a cam. embedded in the front door so we can see who's arriving, & cam in the main indoor party room.

It's a fancy dress party;  combat/warzone/fetish costume please!                                      Games;  there will be an apple-bobbing contest

Bring food, booze, warm clothes, things to burn etc.

(Nigel Noize’s house & garden is slowly turning into a huge, complex, art-installation which will eventually be entered for the Turner Prize)

P.S. Pull a funny face when you get to the front door - there's a cctv cam embedded in it which will project your mug to the 4 tvs embedded in the loft-bedroom stage art-installation-tv-radio-clock-wall backdrop (also known as TIME ON ACID), the tvs in the hall, and landing, the screen in the front garden above the front door, and the big screen projection in the back garden (the best one could win a prize!)
P.P.S. Upon arrival, guests will be given the opportunity to wear a badge indicating their "relationship status"; Red denotes fully engaged, Amber denotes not sure, Green denotes free and single
P.P.P.S. The managment has blown so much money on the set that there's not enough budget left for much food or booze, so guests are advised to bring their own or take a chance with the remnants of the previous 28 parties there's been in the last 18 years (stored in the basement)


***DISCLAIMER*** Guests attend at their own risk -  the organisers will not be held responsible for any injuries during the event

Anyone interested in attending this event contact  Nigel Noize  email;  teers@sky.com


 the set features;  1 very large bonfire,  1 cage dancers cage - above the shed, One 60 - piece multiple rocket launcher, 70 screens, 1 robot (bogo), 6 laptop computers, 250 champagne bottle candle-holders with candles, 151 radio's & over 100 clocks (all different) , 28 cameras, including 3 webcams, 2 state-of-the-art IP camera  2  long range HD infra-red cctv cameras.  3 video projectors, 4 laser projectors, 3 rainbow plasma plates, a multitude of garden art objects      the-67 garden urinal  the eang(electro-acoustic-noise-guitar)


future events;

                 bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 17 saturday november 6th 2018

                 bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 18 saturday november 5th 2019

                 bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 19 saturday november 4th 2020

                 bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 20 saturday november 3rd 2021

                 bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 21 saturday november 9th 2022


previous events:

                  bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 7, nov 3rd 2007

                  bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 6, nov 4th 2006

                  bonfirenite bash'n'barbie 5, nov 5th 2005

                       bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 4, nov 6th 2004

                  bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 3, nov 7th 2003

                  bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 2, nov 9th 2002

                  bonfirenite-bash'n'barbie 1, nov 10th 2001


contact;  facebook; nigelnoize 



related sites; www.youtube/nigelnoize





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